Our Vision

I always believed that your favorite shoes will take you to a wonderful place and I think the same for clothes. When I'm wearing my favorite dress, I feel happy and know it's gonna be a wonderful day! I want other people to feel the same way in my dresses. I want my dresses to be your "go-to" dress that gives you all the confidence, and brings out the best in you. - Hana

We make clothes that are for everyday, cute and comfy, clothes that are sure to get you noticed in a happy way, sure to get you sweet words from other people, sure to make you feel special, because you are!

We design and make every one of our dresses by hand. Every one is totally unique!Also, stay tuned for our manufactured line launching in Spring 2010!

We make our clothes to be the highest quality so they'll last forever. Please hand wash them, or put them in a washing net if you are using washing machine, and hang dry after taking them out of a washer. We promise they'll stay good quality that way. Dyers are our enemy, though we love them for drying our towels!
Contact us at hello@hanahattori.com
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