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Saturday, March 19th, 2011

It took me a while, but I’m back on here. We feel so sad about this disaster and we felt so helpless, we didn’t know what we could do, but we had to start somewhere. We watch Japanese TVs all the time, instead of American TVs. So when it happened, we could get more information than watching American news. We cried watching them.

Watching Tsunami swallow the whole towns was just astonishing, and scary, but I just couldn’t register that it was real, until I saw the news clip on people who were there. We cried together and we appreciated having each other at this moment and, the fact that we do have each other for life. It made us think, how wonderful it is that we are living here with the ones we love. Even us, who are not there were getting depressed and didn’t know what to do. But realizing that people right there and in Tokyo are staying positive and very one person is doing what they can do to help others, not thinking of themselves or their convenience but to better other lives, made me realize it won’t help anything by me staying sad.

So, it’s a small thing but this is a start. It’s very easy, and it is needed.

So, if you are in the States, and wants to donate, you can go to
Japan Society Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

We donated to Japan Society, but you could also donate to Red Cross,
Red Cross Donation

you pick the one you want your money to go to, then donate.

Also, I sent my mom money to donate here, this one, I couldn’t do online, so this is for people who have access to Japanese bank account.
After the Tsunami, what I thought of was “What happens to animals there? They are suffering too, who’s gonna help them??” So I wanted to give any support to people who are working to help the animals there from the US.

they are searching for the animals affected by this disaster, and they also have a blog on their rescue in Japanese.

and from the US, you can help the animals in Japan too, you can send money from your credit card.
Peta helping animals during the disasters

Please give any that you can give, even if it’s little.
And please help animals too. There is no difference, lives are lives, whose it is. They are all equally precious.

I could only watch this video after reading that they were rescued, but please watch this to realize they are the lucky ones and there are so many more lives that needs your help. please.

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Organic Ropsemary Bread from Wholefoods!!! Could it be any better ingredients than this!? : Organic wheat four, Filtered water, Organic Olive oil, Sea Salt, Organic Semolina flour, Organic Canola Oil.

Yup, I pulled it out to get the ingredients list.
“Hey, it’s Vegan! We can eat this!” We got pretty excited.

When we ate it, we got even more excited!!! It’s fluffy, rosemary-y, yummy! We’ve been just eating bagels, and we do love bagels, but fluffy bread a bit toasted, is so good. Most fluffy bread has eggs in it and we don’t eat them. But this bread! Amazing!!

And the dipping olive oil, makes it so easy to eat even more…
Dipping Olive Oil:

Mix: Olive oil, dried oregano, olives and capers and a bit of the juice, sea salt.  And if you have it, red pepper flake, dried garlic, dried basil, parsley.

You can use fresh herbs, but I got home with this bread and I jsut wanted to eat the bread ASAP. So I only used dried ones, this is done while you are toasting the bread lightly. And I do wish I had dried rosemary! Yummmmmm

Friday, August 28th, 2009

“Whether PETA and our affiliates are convincing top fashion designers such as Alannah Hill to go fur-free or jumping to the rescue of a frightened rabbit, your support makes a difference in every bunny’s life every single day.

When a PETA employee spotted a domesticated bunny hopping down the middle of the street late one rainy night, she sprang into action. Even though she was decked out in high heels and a party dress, she followed the frightened fellow for half an hour through several gardens, shooing him out from under a car and scaling a gate before the bunny finally came to her. Now named Hollywood, the bunny lives with two PETA staffers in sunny California, where he enjoys nibbling on lettuce from the garden and hanging out with his “girlfriend,” a rescued bunny named Cleo.

Each year, millions of individual rabbits just like Hollywood are killed for fur coats, collar and cuff trim, glove lining, and even stuffed animals and baby clothing. Like other animals raised and killed on fur farms, rabbits—who are extremely clean by nature—are kept in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on the thin wires of their cage, never having a chance to dig, jump, or play. A recent PETA exposé of rabbit fur farms shows rabbits as they scream like human babies while they are stunned with a handheld electrical device and their throats are cut while they are still conscious.

As a result of PETA’s efforts, other top designers and nearly every retailer, including Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, J.Crew, and Forever 21, have also responded to consumer demand and refused to sell rabbit fur.

As a PETA member, you are the driving force that helps us rescue animals like Hollywood and spare millions of other gentle rabbits from being killed and turned into fashion accessories.

On behalf of the animals you are helping, thank you for your kind support.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Newkirk

Ingrid E. Newkirk
President ”

We, hanahattori, a small design company, promise you we never never use fur in our products, and we are strongly against a fashion who sacrifices other precious lives. Let’s make it a better world for animals, it might not change in a day, but little steps are so so important. Don’t look away or pretend you didn’t hear, these terrible things are really happening and don’t be a part of the horrible industry, if you show that you won’t buy real fur, big companies will be assured that they won’t have to sell real fur to keep the store open. We can start from there!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Here are the unbelievably horrible thing happening in the world that we don’t get to hear a lot about. But sadly, our country is involved in it, and happily we, who have addresses in the US can sign petitions and save the animals in unbelievable pain.

For me, reading and learning about this was terrible enough for me, so I didn’t watch the video. Don’t watch it if you have a heart problems

Thank you for your help!!!!!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Newsletter from PETA

ChickenVictory for Animals Used for Clothing!
After almost a year of being a target of PETA’s anti-fur campaign, popular designer Donna Karan has announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has “no plans” to use fur in the future! More than a dozen leading designers and retailers have now dropped fur as a result of our work.

Two Victories for Animals Used in Experiments!

Victory #1: Thanks in no small part to a PETA affiliate’s pressure and financial support to develop humane alternatives, new skin-irritation tests have been approved, which will allow manufacturers worldwide to test cosmetic ingredients for skin irritation without using a single rabbit or other animal. Tens of thousands of animals will be spared!

Victory #2: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration nixed a new round of painful animal tests for the natural sweetener stevia after PETA’s staff scientists argued that the animal test results would not be relevant to human health effects. Decades of evidence and scientific consensus proved the vivisectors wrong—again!

Victory for Victims of Glue Traps!
Following an appeal from PETA, the nationwide chain Dollar Tree will stop selling glue traps—devices that cause rodents, birds, and other small animals to suffer cruel, slow, and painful deaths. We’ve now gotten these terrible devices pulled from nearly 30,000 stores in North America. “

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I got this news from PETA E-news! I’ll paste it!
“We have news for you!

Thanks to the hard work of PETA’s staff, members, and volunteers and after nearly a year of pressuring designer Donna Karan to drop fur from her designs—by protesting outside her boutiques, crashing her runway show, and exposing her cruel use of fur online—Donna Karan has announced that all her Fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has “no plans” to use fur in the future. Well done, everyone!

Karan’s turnaround came days after PETA launched our online campaign and after mega–fashion guru Tim Gunn sent Karan and designer Giorgio Armani a video that he narrated for PETA showing animals skinned alive for their fur and urged them to open their eyes to the violent and bloody fur industry.

Thank you for helping to make this happen. Let’s keep going strong! While Donna Karan has followed in the footsteps of top designers—including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein—Armani still refuses to stop using fur. Armani claims that he “only” uses fur from rabbits who are butchered for meat. We hope that you will take this opportunity to contact Armani to tell him that the cruelty depicted in this video on fur farms in both China and France show animals who are used for both fur and meat. Tell him that even if the meat of gentle rabbits killed for their fur is sold to be eaten, the rabbits endure the same suffering.

Thank you for helping make the world safer for fur-bearing animals, and best wishes for a happy and humane holiday season!


Ingrid E. Newkirk

This is a great news!! I was very excited about it! I hope that this will spread to all the designers and hope we never have to see real fur, and animals won’t have to suffer.



Also, this is another different news from us, but we have decided to donate to purr factory in Nashville, TN this year.

We want to support all animals, but this year, we chose them because we loved what they do, and wanted to be a part. And since we just moved and all the money we have put aside everytime we made a sale, came from the sales in TN, so we really wanted to find a charity in Nashville that we could be a part of.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations to the charity you know, please feel free to email us or leave us a comment. There are so many we want to support, pretty much all the animal charities and animal rights organizations, but we are still a small growing company, doing what we can do, as much as we can. We start from what we can do.

Also, feel free to let us know if you have a website that you want us to link on here!

Happy Happy Holidays, always give lots of love to animals!