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Thursday, June 9th, 2011




Bookcover for a friend!
His request was, he likes Vintage-y, brown, so I made this ;)

I’ll make this for any size of a book, I just need measurements.

He’s holding it upside down though! 

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

It took me a while, but I’m back on here. We feel so sad about this disaster and we felt so helpless, we didn’t know what we could do, but we had to start somewhere. We watch Japanese TVs all the time, instead of American TVs. So when it happened, we could get more information than watching American news. We cried watching them.

Watching Tsunami swallow the whole towns was just astonishing, and scary, but I just couldn’t register that it was real, until I saw the news clip on people who were there. We cried together and we appreciated having each other at this moment and, the fact that we do have each other for life. It made us think, how wonderful it is that we are living here with the ones we love. Even us, who are not there were getting depressed and didn’t know what to do. But realizing that people right there and in Tokyo are staying positive and very one person is doing what they can do to help others, not thinking of themselves or their convenience but to better other lives, made me realize it won’t help anything by me staying sad.

So, it’s a small thing but this is a start. It’s very easy, and it is needed.

So, if you are in the States, and wants to donate, you can go to
Japan Society Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

We donated to Japan Society, but you could also donate to Red Cross,
Red Cross Donation

you pick the one you want your money to go to, then donate.

Also, I sent my mom money to donate here, this one, I couldn’t do online, so this is for people who have access to Japanese bank account.
After the Tsunami, what I thought of was “What happens to animals there? They are suffering too, who’s gonna help them??” So I wanted to give any support to people who are working to help the animals there from the US.

they are searching for the animals affected by this disaster, and they also have a blog on their rescue in Japanese.

and from the US, you can help the animals in Japan too, you can send money from your credit card.
Peta helping animals during the disasters

Please give any that you can give, even if it’s little.
And please help animals too. There is no difference, lives are lives, whose it is. They are all equally precious.

I could only watch this video after reading that they were rescued, but please watch this to realize they are the lucky ones and there are so many more lives that needs your help. please.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


It’s been so so long!!! I’m grateful if you came back to visit my blog :-) but now that Whitney made it so I can write from my phone, I’ll be on it, more than you’d like to see :-P because you know, I hesitate to post so many pics on my Facebook status, not that I don’t post so many still, but this blog I can post as many as I want! It’s my blog! :-P hee hee

So I’ll be posting a lot more from now on! And I promise to share more vegan recipes that I invent and turn out yummy!

Here’s some photo to put a smile ;-) gymnastics kurosuke.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Keep it coming!

#1 Pom pom Sailor Dress

Sold! Thank you, mah lovely friend!

#2 Vintage Scenery Print/ Red Polka Dot

Pom pom Sailor Dress/ Extra Small

#3 Blue little Flower

Lace Sundress/ Medium plus

Vintage Monet-ish Print/ Green Polka dot

Collar Scallop Sundress/ Medium

Thank you for looking! :)

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Right now this is what you see when you first go to their website! Artists and Fleas Website

But I think the article will stay in their “In case you missed it page”, I hope! They are so sweet, I like what they wrote! :)))))))))))) Extra )s for the super smiley face that I cannot create.
Artists and Fleas- In case you missed it

Thank y’all, it was so so so so so so nice!!!!!!

Love, Hana

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I’ve been making a bigger sizes! More medium and medium plus!

But I’ll blame it to doing all by my hand, and not having the best system, each style slightly differs in sizes even if they all said “Medium”. I guess you just have to try all the dresses! :P

You can do either shoulder straps or Halter neck on this red dress.

Ahh, I love this color!

Thank you for looking!! :)