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Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Long long time no see, everyone!
So sorry we haven’t given you any update, but, we are not dead! we are still alive, alive, alive…! (read that part like it’s echoing, thanks!) don’t you worry. And of course! kitties are doing great too! I know you miss those 2 little kitty faces!

So! we have settled in Brooklyn!

thsi is our street, yo! Greeeene ave!

thsi is our street, yo! Greeeene ave!

It’d be a loooong story to tell you all we’ve been up to, but I’ll just share a few of our frustration when we got here! we are on 3 rd floor without an elevator, and, you know this if you have been to our old house, WE HAVE SO MANY THINGIES IN THE HOUSE! and they all happen to be huge and heavy. Yes! these 2 weaklings worked hard! we got everything inside in 9 hours and returned the truck on time the next morning ! Whewwwwwwww

I don’t think I’ve had that much exercise for like 10 years….I know, i’m pathetic, i’m aware!

another thing was…
we didn’t get gas for a week and a half. we were craving for fresh food so so badly by the time we got gas!
  We still ate vegan even though we couldn’t cook, but, my body was not liking the food I was putting in my body! :P But now we can cook, it’s been so so great. My recent favorite recipe is this eggplant tomato with basil miso dish, I should put the recipe up, it’s so so yummy and easy, yo! And vegan! I love cooking for friends, or, anyone for that matter! Because I love it when people enjoy what I make, and also for being able to introduce other people what I eat,  as someone who doesn’t eat meat, eggs nor any dairy products. so if anyone wants to try my food, you know how to reach me! ..but i don’t cater, you gotta come to me and i’ll feed ya!


and let’s talk about BUSINESS, eh!

We’ve been working hard, whitney is working on our new label and tag, and I’ve been making more fall dresses! I’ve made 4 dresses this week so far, i’m still trying to finish one more dress tomorrow. Lots of lots of plaid! I hope you like plaid, cuz I do and I’ve been using lots of them! :)


who’s excited!? …Me! We started selling our dresses at Treehouse in Brooklyn, Nest boutique in L.A! I’m super psyched!! so if you are ever near the stores, please go in, and check our my dresses in person, and talk to the people at the store! they are such fun people! :) if you lived near and haven’t been to those stores, you should check them out, they’ll be your new favorite stores! ;)

i have a pic of the treehouse!

treehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

treehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, isn't it so cute?

Well, I don’t have any new kitty pictures, but my lap is very warm right now with Milan (the older brother kitty) chilling there, though my leg totally fell asleep, and I promise now that I’m back on my blog, I will try to start taking more pics! so please stay tuned! and I hope you are having a great great week!

lovelovelove, hana


The New York Kemper

The New York Kemper