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Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yesterday, we said good bye to Momochi. It was so sudden for me. But the last 3 days, I cried every night. But I believe that we made the right decision.
I so wanted to keep her forever and so I planned my life. But when we found how skinny Milan has gotten this past 2 months, we can see his bones, we decided that we need to keep him stress free. Also, it has been on our minds that, we couldn’t give Momochi as much attention as she needed. We love her so so much and I believe that she knew how much we loved her, but if we loved her and really wish for her happiness, we needed to find her a new home where she can be the only cat in the house and be around humans all the time.
We talked to the family, her sister and landlord, we checked their house, and we could be sure that they can give Momochi what she deserves. We will keep in touch with her new family.
I didn’t realize how attached I was, I knew I loved her but didn’t realize how much I’d miss her and feel this big hole in my heart.
So, the wonderful new family, please, please make her happy. She’s my baby girl.





Thank you for the great, great time, momochi. We love you so much! Please, make her the happiest kitty!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Here are the unbelievably horrible thing happening in the world that we don’t get to hear a lot about. But sadly, our country is involved in it, and happily we, who have addresses in the US can sign petitions and save the animals in unbelievable pain.

For me, reading and learning about this was terrible enough for me, so I didn’t watch the video. Don’t watch it if you have a heart problems

Thank you for your help!!!!!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Since I had a lazy afternoon today, I wasn’t as hungry, so, I decided to do the steamed veggies that I wanted to do! I just used the hot pot that I got for my birthday, cut out lots of leafy veggies, and carrots, you can use any veggies. And I made the sesame base dipping sauce with the sesame paste. and since I’d be using the pot as a steamer anyway, I made more Shumai! I might be a Japanese person who make the most Chinese dishes at home, and I am proud! :P

We are gonna steam lots of veggies!

We are gonna steam lots of veggies!

Whitney couldn’t tell, but the Shiitake mushroom you see is cooked. This is very simple and you can enjoy the pure flavour of Shiitake mushroom. You just clean the mushroom (I think you are supposed to wipe them with a wet towel so you won’t wash away the aroma) and put them on a pan with the bottom up, sprinkle sea salt, turn on heat/gas on low, with a lid on for about 8 minutes. That’s it! And you squeeze some lime/lemon on it! You can enjoy the juicy mushroom filled with the pure flavour! :)

oh, here’s the recipe for the Gomadare dipping sauce! Require a food processor


  • Sesame paste 2 Tbs
  • White sesame 1 Tbs
  • Soy sauce 5 Tbs
  • Vinegar 1Tbs
  • Sesame seed oil 1 Tbs
  • To-bandjan (Chili bean sauce) 1 Tbs
  • Sugar 1 Tbs
  • Mirin 1 Tbs

Mix them all together well in the food processor, and dip your favorite veggies and enjoy!

Also, today, we had a little guest, well, she’s not little, she was a pretty big birdie!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Private eyes, they are watching you~

Private eyes, they are watching you~

eyes eyes eyes! And after we creep you out, we give you, the cute pic!
Both looking at the duuuuude

Both looking at the duuuuude


A little note: We disabled the comment for the time being since we were getting spam every 5 minutes. But it’ll be back! And you can always reach us by email! :)

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

We have put the pic of the lovely girls from Tsushimamire on our new top page! This is so exciting! :) We met them when they were touring in the States with Peelander-Z. they are so so good, and fun! They are all so nice and wonderful girls. Check them out!!! I hope they come back to the States soon, next time we’ll all go together wearing hanahattori dresses, right?? :P

Listen to their awesome music at Tsushimamire Myspace Page
Check out their latest news at their website: in English here

And in Japanese, here

We <3 Tsushimamire! :)