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Friday, August 28th, 2009

this is what I do, I want to record what I made and take a photo but too lazy to upload it to a blog. Then, I’ll just put up like 5 photos at once! Yup, that’s what I am doing right this second! :P


It was good, but i think it should’vve been better! Gotta practice and try different ratio in the flavouring sauce!



Huge Thanks to whitney, for grating the potatoes for the potato pancake! Man, it’s such a work out! Last time, it wore me out so much! Oh, and the meat lookign thingie you see is a soy meat, you can buy them at a Chinese super market. They sell dry one, you jsut have to soak them in hot water about 20 minutes prior to when you wanna cook them.
my lunch…

You can’t see it well in this photo, but my sandwich staples are: “everything” bagel, soy margarine, lettuce, tomato, black pepper, jalapeno, veggie ham, “vegenaise” and Sriracha sauce mixed, and, when I’m not too lazy, marinated portabello mushroom!Sriracha sauce
Mmmmmmmmmmmm!! Soooo good with the “everything” bagel!!

How about this dinner!

Whitney gets free dinner when he stays at work later than 9, and he brought back the yummy Korean food the night before, so we are eating leftovers and I just made a few more things.
Aaaand you know what they say, “when Whitney is out of town
…Hana gets lazy.”

I just heat up a pan, pour rice oil, and cook sliced onions, put all the leftover Korean food and Kimchi (the vegan Kimchi) and add the cooked rice (from the night before), pour a little bit of hot sesame oil and soy sauce, let it burn on the pan a bit, stir and done!
yum yum yum. And easy!
I hope you noticed the tiny black paw trying to steal my food on the bottom left of the photo!! That is my naughty boi!! :)

Friday, August 28th, 2009

“Whether PETA and our affiliates are convincing top fashion designers such as Alannah Hill to go fur-free or jumping to the rescue of a frightened rabbit, your support makes a difference in every bunny’s life every single day.

When a PETA employee spotted a domesticated bunny hopping down the middle of the street late one rainy night, she sprang into action. Even though she was decked out in high heels and a party dress, she followed the frightened fellow for half an hour through several gardens, shooing him out from under a car and scaling a gate before the bunny finally came to her. Now named Hollywood, the bunny lives with two PETA staffers in sunny California, where he enjoys nibbling on lettuce from the garden and hanging out with his “girlfriend,” a rescued bunny named Cleo.

Each year, millions of individual rabbits just like Hollywood are killed for fur coats, collar and cuff trim, glove lining, and even stuffed animals and baby clothing. Like other animals raised and killed on fur farms, rabbits—who are extremely clean by nature—are kept in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on the thin wires of their cage, never having a chance to dig, jump, or play. A recent PETA exposé of rabbit fur farms shows rabbits as they scream like human babies while they are stunned with a handheld electrical device and their throats are cut while they are still conscious.

As a result of PETA’s efforts, other top designers and nearly every retailer, including Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, J.Crew, and Forever 21, have also responded to consumer demand and refused to sell rabbit fur.

As a PETA member, you are the driving force that helps us rescue animals like Hollywood and spare millions of other gentle rabbits from being killed and turned into fashion accessories.

On behalf of the animals you are helping, thank you for your kind support.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Newkirk

Ingrid E. Newkirk
President ”

We, hanahattori, a small design company, promise you we never never use fur in our products, and we are strongly against a fashion who sacrifices other precious lives. Let’s make it a better world for animals, it might not change in a day, but little steps are so so important. Don’t look away or pretend you didn’t hear, these terrible things are really happening and don’t be a part of the horrible industry, if you show that you won’t buy real fur, big companies will be assured that they won’t have to sell real fur to keep the store open. We can start from there!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

num num num…

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t had miso soup on our table for a while! oh no! That’s because we are close to the end of the miso package and I tend to stop using whatever I have little left until I get new one.
I always try to make 1 soup and 3 dishes like common Japanese meal (you might call me ‘old fashioned’ but i like this way!), but i’ve been just putting 4 dishes on the table, or, 5 like today!
But I finally got miso last night!! Woo hoo!! Last time I tried, after my thorough consideration of which miso to get (I was reading all the ingredients on the back of each miso and all), and lined up at the cashier, and my turn came and, found out they don’t take card! And I had $1 in my wallet….. Maaaanee!!
Revenge yesterday! I got my misooo! and my favorite japanese sweets! Again, num num nummmm



I love japanese sweets with red beans! I used to like more Western sweets with flour, cream and all, but now I like Japanese sweets so much!
 The ingredients are so simple and so good on my tongue and in my tummy, as in it’s not bad for you at all. :) Also, it’s vegan!
There are many kinds that uses some chemicals but I always find some options that only uses the least ingredients, such as rice flour, sugar and red beans.
Although, the one you see in the picture had more ingredients than the ones I usually get! :P

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I heard Whitney scream in the kitchen.
And he told me to bring a camera.

I admit, our kitchen is not as clean as you would see in other household. However, this is way worse than usual!!
And you knowwwwww what they say….the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime.

You know, we don’t wanna assume or suspect, but I think that picture is a good enough evidence! :P


He, impressively managed to dug out ALL the dirt out, and now no kitty weed is left in the pot! Poor Kiki, she loves eating Kitty Weed more than actual kitty food! Don’t worry, I’ll plant them again soon! Even though I’m scared Kurosuke might dig them all out again….

oh boy.

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Potato pancake!!!!!

There’s no powder whatsoever used in this pancake, isn’t that crazy!? You grate the potates and that’ll be the dough for the pancake.
I call ita pancake but it’s nothing you think of, it’s a dish, not a desert! I put green onions, crushed red pepper, and you dip it in a sauce with soysace, garlic, sesame powder and vinegar.

I will be making this very often for a while! :)
And, this is how Kempers roll….. “Clean Plate Club”!!

I think you can count this clean plates, it’d be dangerous to eat all the peppers that was in a dish! It doesn’t look like very many peppers in this photo, but it was a lot, even we were impressed! BTW, Whitney said he’d eat them all for $20! :P
It’s not worth giving him $20 seeing him eat all the peppers, but end up having to hear him whine after he uses bathroom! :P

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I made these to stock up in the refrigerator so I’ll only have to make rice and 1 dish or so when I come home hungry! :)

Takes a bit more effort when you don’t own a microwave! ;)