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Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Who can resist this boy!? Not us! :)


Sorry Kurosuke, I really didn’t mean to wake you up!
Thank you for visiting my blog! :) See you next time!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

it has been a long loong time since I made non-Asian food last. But Mexican, mmmm, Mexican! :) I made vegan spinach enchilada today!! And it was so so sooooo good, I missed this!
Hana’s Vegan spinach enchilada

And this is more like how i like it,

Annnd I sure added more after this! :P But at our house, you have to try without anything, just the way I serve you, then, you can add hot sauce. You gotta try it without sauce first :P
Oh how I love Mexican food!!!!!
I love Mexican restaurants in Nashville, TN, especially Cinco de Mayo. Their chippies and salsa were my favorite of all the Mexican restaurant we went often.
Sadly, I can’t find any Mexican restaurants who serve the Mexican food I used to get in Nashville. :(
But Enchilada, I’m happy with mine!
But I still miss the free fresh chippies and salsa that you get in a minute you sit down at Mexican restaurants in Nashville!!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Inappropriate to compliment my own food?
But I’ve made new things and made me so excited to come home knowing I had those leftovers! :P

This Nepal Curry!!!!



The simple dinner like this one, you could whip up in like 10 minutes when you get home at 9:30!

Always eating Hijiki and Renkon now! :P

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

at using “Seiro (a Basket Steamer)”!
Took a while to be able to steam right! :P I’m still not satisfied, but, they were cooked very well with my new technique! :)


I realized, I need to eat more “Hijiki” Black sea weed you see in the photo, and “Rekon” Lotus root, for my body. Hijiki’s got lots of lots of LOTS OF calcium and other goodies that we all need, and Renkon is an almighty veggie, that you see a lot in a macrobiotic recipe books, but, it has this tannin that helps clot blood when you get a cut. My friend was concerned how I bled so much from tiny tiny little scratch, and my blood never really clot and stop bleeding, I thought I needed to do something! :P

And I read in my macrobiotic book (I don’t commit to it, but I use macrobiotic recipes a lot) that I should eat “Hijiki renkon” and this “Kiriboshi Daikon” not everyday, but almost everyday. So! I’m making lots on one day and eating them everyday :p

Kimch Chigaeeee!!!!
Whitney and I love Kimch chigae! And to our luck, we found vegan kimch without little fish or shrimp or oyster original kimch has. Yum yum yummmmm.
And I am eating the 2 things I mentioned ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog!! :)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

oh my my, it’s been like a month since I posted the last one! Feels like eating at the restaurant was way long ago than a month, btw, it was an awesome restaurant! :)

in the last month that I had disappeared…
My parents visited me from Japan for 8 days,
And right after that, I got a cold and was sick in bed for a while. I hadn’t been that sick in a long long time!
I might put up some pics of when my parents were here, I might not. I have a hundred pics! And if they let me post them on line, I will show you some, but for the time being…..
this is the sick person meal I made :P
\"Okayu (Rice Porridge)\" and Hot and sour Soup
Okayu is what we eat whenever we are not feeling good, physically in Japan. And I’ve found a new love for hot and sour soup that I make. It’s totally different from the soup you get from Chinese take out. I got the “It tastes aunthentic!” from my Chinese American friend! Made me very very jolly.

And this is how I sleep when I’m sick, or, when I’m not sick.
Kurosuke on my chest. He occasionally sneezes out cold wet water on my face while I’m sleeping.


I think my life would be even more awesome if I had Kiki on the other side of my neck! :P