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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I found these pictures! I’m going to post these while Kiki is feeling like she’s in heaven since I just sprinkled catnip on the carpet, and Kurosuke is sniffing my boots.

Roarrrrrr. She still had a collar then.

And this picture! Look how big Kurosuke’s paws are for his body! He was a small-er kitty. I don’t think he was ever small, but definitely smaller than he is now! P

my babies!

If you keep up with my blog, you might bust me that I haven’t put up the recipe for my vegan mapo tofu, like I said. But I will! I wanted to post these photos before I leave for Colorado! :)

Don’t worry, kitties are in good hands. Though, I do feel nervous, as I always do when I leave my kitties for more than a day! I will be back on Monday night!

Talk to you when I get back!! :) Have a lovely lovely weekend!



Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I take a photo of every dinner, and haven’t caught up with putting pictures up! It’s not that I haven’t cooked! :)

Chinese dish that I didn’t make, Onion/ Seaweed dish, Enoki Oyaki, Lentil Spinach salad, White Rice with Barley and Red Miso soup

The dish on the top right came from a can, but it doens’t have any preservative or any chemical! But still, Whitney said it tastes like chemical-y, junky. I really think it’s just that the smell of bamboo shoot, but oh well, I do crave some junky food sometime! :P

Vegan Okonomiyaki with corns, still eating the lentil salad, King Oyster mushroom with leafy veg, White Rice and White Miso soup

Thank you, Jon!!! The Vegan “Okonomiyaki” made by him. WE love love love his Okonomiyaki! You can eat this (maybe) and definitely eat non-vegan one at Otafuku in NYC

My Vegan Mapo Tofu, stil still eating lentil salad, Brown Rice with Barley, White Miso soup

I’m gonna share the Mapo Tofu recipe in the next post ;)

Mapo Harusame, Veg Meat and Green Leafy veg, Kombu no Nimono, Brown Rice and Red Miso soup

I make a lot of mapo sauce, and use it for Mapo Tofu, Mapo Harusame (noodle) and Mapo Nasu (eggplant!!), such a  great sauce! :)

Pan fried Nagaimo with sae salt, Vege Chicken with leafy vegetable, Hakusai, White Rice with Barley and Red Miso soup

I got this Vegetable chicken for the first time at a store! It’s pretty good!

And did you notice the little tinyyyy addition on the table? I got the Chopstick rest! The dark rock looking thingie on the bottom of the picture!

Lotus Root Shu-mai, Vegetable chicken with Chinese vegetable, Enoki no Oyaki, Brwn Ric with Barley and Osuimono with Lotus Root juice

Lotus root’sreally good for you, right? I drained the grated Lotus root and used the juie that was drained in the soup. It makes it thicker, and it warms you up inside! I heard it’s good to drink lotus root soup when you are sick.

Ahhhh I want Asian dishes! I;m going to start collecting them little by little….watch out, whitney.

Thanks for reading my blog!! :)

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

My zebra Print Trapeze Dress and Red Plaid Bow Scallop Dress! :)

SAPPHIRE WHISPER Fall Eco Fashion Collection
Thank you so so much, SAPPHIRE WHISPER! :)

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I had forgotten to introduce these to the world! :P

these are my favorites! They aren’t available (one at a store, and one that I made for myself :P ) but this style is available upon request!

The only reason I’m keeping for myself is that I made for my weird body type. Also, this is my favorite combination of fabric! :P

Haaaaaaaa, I love sundresses. It’s almost time to start making lots of them, right???

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

This is for all you Whitney fans! Are you out there?? :P

I believe this was from July 2009. I’m organizing kitty pictures right now since I ran out of memory on my camera! :)

I probably took this pic cuz I liked his hair. Weekend Whitney who doesn’t shave or sometimes doesn’t wash his hair, I hope he at least remembered to put his deodorant on! :P hee hee

He should be proud, for this entry, I made a special category “whitney”

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

not kekekekekekeke.

Kiki is the cutest creature I’ve ever known. Not to discriminate Milan and Kurosuke. They are all cuter than anything I could ever imagine a living creature could be! :P

Kiki founda new spot for her, it looks like.


It’s ok, guys, go ahead and say it shamelessly,


Yep, that’s what I thought.

Please just focus on how cute she is, and ignore the mess in the background. thanks! :P

This is kind unusual, Kiki in the box! Not Kurosuke, though they were both up in my face when I was opening up this package from my mom.  :)

Sunny kiki.

Thank you for coming to my blog! the blog that’s pretty much only on food and kitties! Kurosuke’s photo will come soon too, don’t you worry :P