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Monday, March 1st, 2010


Surgical Steel earrings, that is supposedly not gonna make my ears look miserable even if I sleep with them. I love love love big dangly earrings, but this sensitive ear pierce holes close so quickly. Even though I got all of them when I was 16. oh man, 16! 10 years ago.  That sounds crazier, that they close quickly.

Anyways, so I was looking for earrings that I can wear without hurting my ears when I’m not feeling like bearing the a bit of pain on my ears. And I found a website for all other people like me! I’ll buy some more daring ones for summer but this lazy one needed some tiny studded earring right now!

But I’m very excited! I will let you know how I like them in a few days, cuz you already know I like the way they look :P

And the price is like nothing! Their shipping is only $3, too. And the guy was super nice when I wrote them that I hadn’t got them at the time they said I would.

Sensitively yours website

the link takes you to the page of their stud earring section, which I was looking for. :)