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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Whitney is working late today, so I’m having a dinner alone again. I ate too much chippies and salsa, so I figured I’d do small dinner, it actually worked out! I was gonna cook extra for Whitney, but I wouldn’t have made it on time to finish eating by 8 that way. Now I only had to make a few things just for me, I finished before 8, I even had a whole Red bean paste bun before 8 too! :9


Today’s menu was:

  • Left over simmered dried radish(昨日の残りの茹で干し大根の煮物)
  • Vegetable pakora (玉ねぎとにんじんのパコラ)
  • Rice with Barley (麦ごはん)
  • Miso soup (みそ汁)
  • Natto (納豆)

imageI made this pakora, using the chickpea flour. I didn’t fry it, just pan fried it, but it was pretty crunchy and yummy. I only put onions, carrots, chickpea flour, chili powder, garam masala, salt and water. Very easy! For this vegetable pakora, I used this Japanese recipe here. It’s in japanese but it has pretty good pictures of the instructions!

I’ll definitely make it again! I really liked it, it smells really good too!