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Friday, February 17th, 2012

I actually waited for Whitney today! So, don’t worry this is for two, except we did both have our own Vietnamese pancake, and I had fermented soy beans too, as always.


  • my Tabbouleh (I thought it would be good for my anemia! :P)
  • Hijiki simmered with pickled plum
  • Pan fried mock chicken
  • Onion in chinese inspired spicy vinegar sauce
  • Vietnamese pancake with sauce
  • Kuruma Fu (gluten) with eggplants in miso sauce
  • Brown Rice with grains
  • Veggie soup

And these were my lunch, topped with “I can’t stop eating”-root veggie chippies from Trader Joe’s.

I went grocery shopping in the morning, so I came home hungry around 12:30, and I had a full intention to make veggie soup and one sammich, but, I jsut wanted to eat asap, and made myself 2 sammich, shouldn’t have done that :P

1st sammich with Tofurkey peppered ham, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, dijon mustard, vegenaise, seat salt and pepper. Next time, when I’m not too hungey, I’ll mix the chili paste with vegenaise that I usually do, that tastes so yummy.


Second sammich, grilled cheese. I am impressed that the Daiya chedder cheese I opened a while ago is still good! But I did decide that I like pepperjack Daiya cheese better as grilled cheese! :)


I felt full after this, but I kept eating more and more chippies! oh nooooo!