2010 Kittieeees!

January 4, 2010 – 11:25 am

A Happy New Year!!

This is what I call a “Okami” Kiki. Okami is the lady who’s in charge of Japanese style hotel, and she greets the guests at the entrance like Kiki’s doing right here.  If you visit Japan, you should go stay at a nice  hotel that has Okami-san. I wanna go!

“Okami” Kiki and the Bubba. I don’t know what Okami was curious about.

And the usual.

“Kitty in the Box”. Somebody tell him he might be too big for the box already.

“Kitty in the Box Part 2″

And then the sleepies.

He sleeps pretty funny. Well, I guess I’m creepy to be taking so much pics and let them dominate my blog. But I can’t help it! :P

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