Free Hugs!!

February 18, 2010 – 1:33 pm

Yeah, I’ve always been for free hugs. I’ve recieved lots of Free hugs when I was hanging out in Asheville, and I think I did give out lots of Free hugs to strangers too. But, I had forgotten! I do love hugs, and I hug a lot but, not to strangers. It made me think!

Last night, on my way to the nearest Subway Station (Bedford/ Nostrand, what what), this guy was yelling at me with his arms open. I thought he was a craz person yelling, so I just put on my smile and tried to just pass by, and I finally heard what he was saying and realized he was talking to me.

“Can I just get a hug please!??”

“I just really need a hug” “Please!”

And some nice compliments he gave about me.

I didn’t really buy it, but he did say “I just broke up with my GF, I just need a hug”

So I said “Sure”…and “Good luck!”

It’s pretty fun to give hugs to strangers, I remembered.

But after a while, all the sudden I wondered, if this was like a teenager movie and he was just putting a mean note on my back!? …well, recalling ,recalling… he didn’t have any paper in his hand, I saw it! And I touched my back to see if anything was on my back.

That’s when you realize, you’re not as pure hearted as you were when you were 19.

But I’m still always up for free hugs if anyone wants it! :P

…this is what I always look like outside lately. The Insulated coat that my friend, Rei chan let me borrow, is so warm and light! :) But I long for spring. I want to wear spring dresses!!!

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  2. hey, I didn’t know about the FREE HUGS…!! That’s lovely! I loved this post, Hana!!! ;)

    By Sayaka on Mar 22, 2010

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