More oyakis! Made more from scratch again :P 2.16.15

February 27, 2015 – 9:22 am

How much I love oyakis!? Like I would make them from scratch 2 days in a row :P









Our little kitty, I guess she is our wild card, had peed in the basket of DD’s bebes sleeping in blankets. DD had been saying “Mommy it’s stinky around here (in Japanese)” but I thought it was the smell of her new wooden kitchen counter I bought from used store, but, turned out somehow Kiki had slipped out of her diaper and peed there. Such a mystery! She wears a diaper all the time when she is not in her kitty cage. Mystery! Washing them turned out like this.


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  2. Reminds me of a scene in Raggedy Ann when the doll is accidentally sent through an old-fashioned wringer-washer. While she was drying on the clothesline, some birds took little bits of her red yarn hair for their nests. And Raggedy Ann kept smiling and feeling love for the birds.

    By Muzzy on Feb 28, 2015

  3. Raggedy Ann is so generous!

    By Hana on Mar 29, 2015

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