Oops I done did it again

November 11, 2010 – 8:15 pm



Whenever I make “nimono”, I make way more than we can eat on a few days, but today, I made way even more than the usual which is already a lot.

The nimono I made today is hijiki.  I did hear that it could be bad if we ate too much. But we don’t eat this every day and they do have lots of nutrition that we need.

Anyhoo! I made those little shumai men. We’re trying to cut off some oil lately. Steamed shumai is so good!

Today I used, little bit of tvp, oat meal, 2 kinds of mushroom, onions. Oat meal was a good idea, especially since I’m also trying to eat  less soy meat :P

And this persimmon is from a fruit vender right by NR line 23rd station. They are very sweet! He also had good pears too.  Looks like I found a good place to get fruits!

Hopefully the vitamin C from persimmon will keep me away from catching a cold! :)

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