Japanese curry

May 5, 2011 – 1:05 pm


Super easy using the rue,
I had lots of ripe tomatoes since Hong Kong supermarket sells those veggies that needs to be eaten on the day of, for dirt cheap.

I got like 6 tomatoes for $1.
So, like my mom made last time I was in Japan, I put 2 tomatoes in the curry.

It makes it sour but it’s really good! And I added bunch of spices in addition, as always.

And then the salad on side, is what I made up recently, to use the vegenaise that we don’t use as often as we used to.
And the bean noodle that I always have so much of.

All it’s got is the noodle, drained well, carrots and cucumbers, julienned, and mix vegenaise, sea salt and peppers and the secret flavor, soy sauce.

Very very good! ;)

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