Movie Kempers

November 27, 2011 – 10:09 pm

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to Mamoun’s to get their awesome falafels and then went to see The Muppets! And, it has nothing to do with the movie we watched but it was wacky the theatre had this set to take photos, haha :)


First, Whitney. Look how good I did on almost cutting off all the edge!


Now me, Whitney took it, Look how he failed.Whitneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, you suuuuuuck at taking themed pic that needs the sides cut off, or you kinda suck at taking photos, period. You tend to cut off my body parts all the time, either legs or top of my head. :P

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  2. Yeah but I did a better job of hiding your body! I like that we are both big fans of these face things.

    By the jr on Nov 28, 2011

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