A Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012 – 3:21 pm

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and have a happy jolly wonderful New Year ahead of you! :) For this Kempers, a lot of changes are coming, but we are very excited about this year, hope you come along with us on this new journey, with your wisdom and advice! :)

but, Food! So we had to start our New Year’s with traditional food, even though I put some stuff that’s not supposed to be in it, and I also didn’t follow the rules of what to put, how to put and all the stuff, but I just wanted to eat those food! :P


  • 筑前煮
  • なます
  • かぼちゃ(あったから...)
  • 切り干し大根の松前漬け
  • 黒豆
  • ごぼうの昆布巻き
  • 梅酢れんこん、すっぱい!
  • さつまいも、きんとん欲しかったけど甘露煮がすごく高かったのと、作ったらすぐいっぱい食べちゃって太るから...。


The simmered burdocks rolled in kelp was one thing I was craving very much of! Now I’m satisfied :)


And of course, Ozouni! It’s Hattori style, turns out this style is Nagoya style :) I wish I could make this taste like my mom’s, I need more practice, I guess!

And, getting more and more forgetful and clumsy, I forgot to turn off the gas stove today…. so glad nothing happened! It’s crazy I always always check when I leave, and just today, I forget and I had forgotten to turn it off…. I’ll be even more paranoid and be ore careful!

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  2. I’ll keep helping! Combined together hopefully we can overcome forgetfulness!

    By whitney on Jan 2, 2012

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