Thursday Food

March 2, 2012 – 10:20 am

My lunch.

I’m eating way too much soy. I do love those veggie chicken/duck but those come in such a big amount, and I already consume so much soy that I always end up with too much soy intake of a day! I’ll take a break next grocery shopping! :P


  • Spicy veggie chicken
  • Veggie meat chunks in homemade sweet chili vegenaise sauce (I baked those for myself, pan fried them for Whit last night :) )
  • Mock chicken in chinkian vinegar soy sauce with Udon

For some reason, I was craving so much, so much sweets. And this is just one of them I ate, because I ended up eating almond icecream after dinner, and I had orange jelly earlier, and I think I had something else…? :P


  • Shiratama zenzai! with homemade anko and shiratama balls

And my dinner for one:


Kinda diet food! I had forgotten to put the dried lily in the hot and sour soup! I like those in this soup! oh well. This time I made with half chinkiang vinegar and half grain vinegar, yum!

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