Friday Miscalculated Amount of Food!

March 3, 2012 – 10:38 am

Yes. this was my lunch.

Since I have a check up at clinic the next day, I thought to try to fill my tummy with salad, so I made seaweed salad and made my own dressing. But, I didn’t realize how much I had made :P

I ended up saving salad for later, but totally finished the rest, because you can’t save those for later!


And, I had my craving filled for Korean food. I think my last Korean meal was in September, and it wasn’t Madangsui that I love! Their Healthy Bibmbap (salad bibimbap) is so good! and we always get them with tofu jigae, soondoubu? I can’t spell.


I like to put all the little dishes in my healthy bibimbap in addition!



Then I became soooo badddddd. But I had been waiting for these all day long, and skipped all my cravings for sweets, though I did eat sweet potatoes as always!



Vegan Boston Cream Pieeeeeeee.

Oh My God. I felt so so so happy. And some others I had sampled! thank you, Whitney! for getting the brilliant idea of convincing his coworkers to get the dunwell donuts for a coworker’s birthday and bring them home for ME! :) hee hee


I did gain 4 pounds the next day, when I got weighed at the clinic. Assignment for next checkup. ughhhhh.

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  2. it was a pretty good idea wasn’t it :P

    By hubby jr on Mar 5, 2012

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