My Last Spicy Indian Food?

March 5, 2012 – 8:08 pm

I had been craving Indian food, so we went to our neighborhood Indian restaurant, Bombay Heights! We love this place, and we asked if there were any dishes on vegetarian section, and the waiter guy told us they can make anything without it! How awesome!

I don’t know what these are called, but the yummy stuff they give you for free! onion stuff, chutney and cilantro stuff?


And we usually get those vegetable pakora. Mmmmmm fried food, it has been a while since I put you in my mouth.


And this time we got, Alu Shag fresh spinach & potato cooked with curry sauce, and Vegetable Vindaloo (very very spicy curry)

And, we asked to make them really really spicy, since it might be the last time I can eat very spicy Indian food, he said ok, but, they were spicy but not spicy enough! How disappointing… but we are still satisfied with the taste and totally cleaned the plates :P


Numnumnum! I could’ve eaten another entree :P

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