Spinach spinach

March 5, 2012 – 8:20 pm

When Rei chan bought spinach last week, it made me want spinach too! :P So this week I bought a huge bag of spinach, I’ll be eating lots of them, plus, it’s good for me since I could always use more iron! :)

My dinner for one. Whitney’s been working so hard…


  • Namasu
  • Spinach with oystermushroom in soy vinegar sauce
  • Sweet pumpkin
  • Bean thread salad
  • Mushrooms in fermented black bean sauce (first time to make it, and loved it!)
  • Brown rice
  • Miso soup


I put so many kinds of mushrooms, yum! dried shiitake, dried net-like white mushroom that I don’t know the name of, fresh shiitake, oyster mushrooms, the baby portobello! Numnumnum, I’ll def make these again!

And this is my lunch! I was craving Oyakodon! Oyako means, a parent and a kid, having chicken and egg in it, but I eat neither of them, so I decided to be a lil creative :)


I used mock chicken, and for a beaten egg, I used the mixture of rice flour, chickpea flour, starch and a lil salt. It turned out really well, and totally satisfied my cravings! lovelovelove. See, even if you crave something from memory, you can always recreate it vegan version! ;)

I actually made for 2 servings thinking I’ll save half for Whitney’s lunch, I ended up eating all of them! oops! :P


And the rice was from Friday’s dinner from Madangsui, I didn’t think we had that much left, but when I steamed it to warm it up, it was a lot of rice!

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