October 8, 2008 – 10:37 pm

We found models!! yay yay yay! We actually had more than 40 wonderful people willing to help us out, it was amazing! Thank you all so so much, every one of you who have applied. we are really grateful and wish that we could work with all of you…It was a really hard decision to make, but i’m so glad we finally got all the models, hair stylists and make up artits for both photoshoots! Now i can leave all the anxiety behind and be just excited!! :) i think those photoshoots are gonna be amazing and sooooo much fun!!

Well, it was a hard raining day in Nashville untill about lunch time today. And it was quite a busy day for me, making phone calls and making a dress.

but i did make a dress! i love it! i’m actually not quite finished, i have some handstitching to do,but i’m staying up to finish it and gotta start cutting for other dress! But, here’s the dress! :)

dress of the day

dress of the day

it’s got a zipper on the back, and 2 pockets. bodice lined with cotton for comfort and the skirt lined with synthetic. i like to wear it with cardigans, or, turtle neck! i love turtle neck!  and i think it’d be cute with a jacket too. i like to wear with boots, it instantly makes it both casual and dress-up! And, isn’t it a great print for fall? i love prints!

andddd, here’s the kitties of the day

kitties in a fabric condo

kitties in a fabric condo

when it rains, they jsut sleep sleep sleep! milan on the top of fabric condo, kiki was on the second from top. they have both slept on top together, but not on top level and second to top level, had to take a pic! :P

Good night, people!

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